Saturday, October 3, 2009

Benümb - By Means of Upheaval/Withering Strands of Hope/Soul of a Martyr Triple Post!

From: U.S.
Year: 2003/2000/1998
Genre: Grindcore, Power-Violence, Hardcore

Benümb is awesome, bass-heavy, California style grind. These three LP's comprise all of the full lengths they have released. Cheers-->

PhotobucketBy Means of Upheaval

PhotobucketWithering Strands of Hope

PhotobucketSoul of a Martyr


Shanetera said...

Awesome, awesome post. Benumb is one of those bands not enough people talk about.

Andrew Childers said...

what shanetera said. with the unfortunate exception of pete pontikoff's questionable vocals on by means of upheaval. great music, grating vocals. sadly neither vulgar pigeons nor agenda of swine pack the same punch benumb brought on those first two records.