Monday, December 14, 2009

Infested Blood - Interplanar Decimation

From: Brazil
Year: 2009
Genre: Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal

I've always liked Brazilian death metal, it definitely has its own unique sound. Mainly in the way most of the bands play blast beats pretty much as fast as they can (maybe as fast as humans are capable). Needless to say, it usually comes out a little sloppy most of the time, despite being intense as fuck. Infested Blood on the other hand, has one hell of a drummer, one of the fastest and tightest that I've heard. The insane gravity blasts and 64th note double bass is enough by itself to give this a listen.

I think these guys have officially dethroned Internal Suffering, who was in my opinion was the best brutal band from there(they currently live in New York).



Andrew Childers said...

have you checked out agorhy? yes it's brazilian and yes it kinda sounds like sepultura gone death, but it's one of my favorite death metal albums of the last couple years.

deathgrindfreak said...

No I hadn't heard of them, but they're pretty awesome. I need to snag one of their albums for sure.