Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Crinn - Dreaming Saturn

From: U.S.
Year: 2010
Genre: Mathcore, Progressive, Experimental

Most people would probably file this(along with Psyopus) under "Musical Wankery," but I've always kinda like this band since they first came out in 07'. Now they've returned, and you can definitely tell they've matured. Although I haven't given it a thorough listen, but from what I've heard they've actually written songs with actual riffs and have adopted a more of a progressive sound(as opposed to Psyopus who've adopted a pseudo-grind moniker).



andrew said...

my eyes! the goggles do nothing!

seriously, that art is fug. is that a business suited zombie doing a flashdance routine?

of course i also really dig the combatwoundedveteran cover...

deathgrindfreak said...

Yeah I know, I guess it's a part of that whole scene because I've seen some artwork like it on a few shitty deathcore covers. I guess pink and purple are the new black and white?