Monday, July 19, 2010

Defeated Sanity - Collected Demolition


From: Germany
Year: 2010
Genre: Technical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal

This is a compilation of some stuff from their promos, demos, etc . . . And personally, I think it sounds just as good as any of their other releases. So if you're a fan, snag it-->>

**Oh, and Devourment's Mike Majewski did the artwork as well.

***Oh, and I'm a fucking idiot. The link is now fixed.***



Andrew Childers said...

can somebody explain to me what i'm missing with this band? i try to give them a fair lesson but it's all just meh to me.

deathgrindfreak said...

Well I'm definitely not a fan boy like some of these brutal death guys. I just view it as some straight up, kinda techy brutal death (with not the greatest production I might add). They are good, but I agree that there seems to be a little undo hype surrounding them.

Andrew Childers said...

if i were literate that would read "fair listen."