Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Discography


From: U.S.
Year: 1997-2010
Genre: Grindcore, Power-Violence

So as promised, here's the discography of one of the raddest grind bands to have ever existed(and they didn't even need a drummer!). So do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing until it mutates your fuckin DNA and forces you to drive your car through a crowded shopping center...

Full Lengths:
Honky Reduction (1998)
Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope (2002)
Altered States of America (2003)
Agorapocalypse (2009)

Splits, 7"'s, EPs, etc...
30 Song Demo cassette (1995)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed (Bovine Records) 7" (1996)
Split with Cattlepress LP (1997)
Split with Enemy Soil 7" (1997)
Split with Laceration 7" (1997)
PCP Torpedo 6" (1998)
Split with Gob 7" (1998)
The Glue that Binds Us 7" (2006)
The Poacher Diaries split with Converge CD (1999)
Split with Benümb 7" (2001)
Split with Halo 7" (2002)
Bestial Machinery (Discography Volume 1) 2xCD (2005)
PCP Torpedo/ANbRX 2xCD (2006)
Split with Kill The Client 7" (2007)
A Clockwork Sodom 7" (2007)
Split CD/LP with Apartment 213 (2007)
Split with Total Fucking Destruction 7" (2007)
Altered States of America/ANbRX II 2xCD (2008)
Split with Insect Warfare 5"/mini-CD (2008)
Split with Crom 7" (2009)
Split with Endless Blockade 7" (2009)
Split with A.N.S. 5" (2010)


Andrew Childers said...

holy shit. you actually pulled it off. i was only kidding about the unholy grave/agathocles discogs.


deathgrindfreak said...

Swear to god I'm gonna pull that shit off. It just might take me a year or two lol...

Andrew Childers said...

that would be a fucking feat. you would be a god and i would bow down before your alter and burn used copies of old siege 7-inches as an offering.

captcha: scareday

H.Manass said...

You made my tweaked out day my friend
thank you
the drugs are on me!'