Sunday, October 30, 2011

Born Against - Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children


From: USA
Year: 1991/1993
Genre: Hardcore Punk

Born Against were a hardcore punk band from New York City that existed between 1989 and 1993. They combined the slower discordant riffs of AmRep bands like Unsane with the speed and aggression of punk. Abrasive, intelligent and lyrically scathing, they were, and remain to be, a huge influence on bands as disparate as Refused and Thou and are one of my favorite punk bands ever. They played a ton of shows with Rorschach and were similar to them in certain ways and completely different in others. So if you liked the Rorschach post, you definitely need to check this out. I have also included the Battle Hymns for the Race War 10’ that was re-released as a compilation with this album.


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