Thursday, December 1, 2011

Best of 2011 - Volume 8 - Vastum - Carnal Law


From: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Death Metal

Writing death metal in this day and age that isn’t instantly forgettable is a tough task indeed. Just ask any of the ten thousand bands that you can listen to once and just as easily never think about listening to again. Add this to the difficulty of writing PRIMITIVE death metal that’s memorable and you’ve got a, seemingly, herculean feat on your hands that not many bands can handle. Well, in my opinion, Vastum have managed to do just that. I have found myself going back to this album almost as much as Disma’s Towards the Megalith, which will be posted soon and with whom they share some sonic similarities. Vastum are from San Francisco and are related, three degrees of separation style, to the slew of other great bands that have emerged from the bay area over recent years. They feature Leila Abdul-Rauf on vocals and guitar, also of bay area hessians Hammers of Misfortune and death metal band Saros. They also feature members of crust/death band Acephalex (who also put out a good album this year), one of which she shares vocal duties with. If you’re the type of ass that gets turned off by the idea of a female vocalist in death metal then, well, don’t be a dick, because she has a sick voice, better than many male vocalists in DM. The music is mainly mid-paced chugging death metal with some faster parts thrown in, sorry but no grind here. Don’t let this turn you off either cus this is some quality DM that carries the old school flag. Pick up a copy from 20 Buck Spin.


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