Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Into Another - Ignaurus


From: USA
Year: 1994
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Metal, Progressive Rock

This post will undoubtedly polarize you followers. I’ve never been able to accurately describe this band to anyone. You’ll either love them or hate them. If you tend to only listen to tough guy hardcore then don’t even bother. It’s not for you. If you love hardcore, metal and say, The Smiths, equally, then you might have a chance. The band featured Richie Birkenhead on vocals, who was previously a guitarist for Youth of Today and the vocalist of Underdog. You will either find his voice beautiful and unique or you’ll hate it. Tony Bono on bass, who played with New York thrash metal band Whiplash. The bass lines are incredibly memorable and just as important as any other element of their music. Drew Smith on drums, who banged skins for straight edge hardcore band Bold. His playing was never flashy or overly technical, he filled the spaces perfectly and was a very tight drummer. And some genius named Peter Moses on guitar. I don’t know where he came from or what he’s doing now but I LOVE his guitar playing. Imagine if Piggy of Voivod and Alex Lifeson from Rush had a love child and you might get close. I’m not even gonna try to describe the music as a whole because the adjectives I would be forced to use would probably turn off a lot of you but, individually, every member was incredible at what they did. Just listen to the song below or take my word for it. This is an awesome album from one of my favorite and one of the most unique bands to ever be associated with the early 90’s hardcore scene.



scottmetal666 said...

Great post, I used to love this CD, still have it and play it occasionally. This shit was liked by friends of mine that more or less loathed most hardcore and Metal, so it got quite a few spins while partying, when I wasn't always able to grind out DM and such without being shouted down. This is more Prog Rock than hawdcore easily, and highly recommended if you like prog and great players.

Anonymous said...

wow, i had forgotten about this record... and surprised this blog of all things brought this particular to my attention again. I had completely forgotten seeing them in D.C. so long ago... thanks for this.