Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plague Widow - Self Titled EP


From: USA
Year: 2012
Genre: Brutal Deathgrind

Dunno how i let this one slip past me for so long but holy shit am i glad i came across it. I literally listened to this 10 times in a row this afternoon. I hadn't read or heard a peep about them before I hit play so I was blown away when, after the harrowing noise/ambient intro, these 3 maniacs from California blasted into some blackened deathgrind which, as the album progressed, started incorporating elements of brutal death metal (replete with pinch harmonics and breakdowns that would make Devourment proud). All three of these guys are passionate and beyond capable at what they do. The vocals are far from one-dimensional, from brutal death grunts to blackened screams, they're always vicious and never get boring. The drumming is tight, precise and devastating, fluidly shifting between scathing blasts and skull smashing slams. And the guitar work is inventive and catchy, combining dissonance, palm muted chugging, along with bends and harmonics into a blisteringly original take on the deathgrind genre. Like Dephosphorus did last year in under 20 minutes, Plague Widow have made an extreme statement and thrown down the gauntlet, showing the underground grind scene that there are still new places to go and new people to kill. If any new band deserves your support, it's these guys. If you like what you hear, head over to Bandcamp and get a copy for 3 measly bucks.


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