Saturday, August 4, 2012

Samothrace - Reverence to Stone


From: USA
Year: 2012
Genre: Doom

I loved Samothrace's last album "Lifes Trade" so i was pretty pumped when this one dropped recently. Theses guys (and gal) have tapped into a sound that is both delicate and crushing, melancholy and hopeful. The guitar work itself sets them apart from many bands of the same ilk with intense, sometimes bluesy, solos and use of octave chords (on first track) which always sound bright but add an incredible contrast to the straight power chords. With only 2 songs at around 15 and 20 minutes each I never found myself getting bored or losing interest, they are masters of dynamics and setting different moods. A mesmerizing (sometimes psychedelic) journey into the dark recesses of the earth and the dual nature of man which attempts to transcend both. Buy a copy from 20 Buck Spin. The song below is taken from their last album.


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