Wednesday, December 19, 2012

James Blackshaw - Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death


From: USA
Year: 2012
Genre: Contemporary Classical Guitar/American Primitivism

I awoke at 6:30 this morning in a state of panic and dread. Images lingered at the periphery of consciousness, images that evoked a very deep sadness about the passage of time, about the loss of tiny parts of my life that now only exist as memories that i struggle to even hold on to...i found myself unable and unwanting to go back to sleep, disturbed by dreams of lost time....i crawled out of bed, made coffee and sought refuge and solace in this. Heres to hoping it does the same for you. Buy a copy at Important Records. Also check out his release "The Glass Bead Game", from which the song in the video below was taken.



Chris DAlessandro said...

Fuck, here's another one I grabbed from here that I enjoyed. Early mornin' coffee tunes.

VALIS said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Check out Jack Rose and John Fahey as well, if yer inclined

haven said...

Blackshaw's music has always brought me solace. Many thanks for this, stranger.

Carlos said...

Hey man:

Thanks a lot for this file. Bowlegs' channel in youtube show me the fantastic work of Blackshaw and now i'm searching his music all over the web.
Have a nice weekend.