Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jamie Saft - Black Shabbis


From: USA
Year: 2009
Genre: Metal

Here’s an album of “Jewish Metal” from keyboardist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Jamie Saft. Besides recording this solo album for Zorn’s Tzadik label, he has performed and recorded with Merzbow, Bobby Previte and Zorn’s own Electric Masada (which I plan on posting here in the near future). The album starts off with a strange Jewish/Americana vibe before heading into Slayer territory, followed by songs which touch on Drone, Doom, Goth, Industrial and Death Metal, without at all sounding schizophrenic like, say, Naked City. Also features Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle, Fantomas and Secret Chiefs 3 on bass.


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