Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best of 2011 Volume 4 - Trap Them - Darker Handcraft


From: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Hardcore

Like a molotov cocktail of Entombed, Converge and His Hero is Gone aimed straight at your complacent ass, Trap Them have concocted a vicious aural assault with their latest album, Darker Handcraft. This is take no prisoners hardcore from the dark side, that bashes your head in and leaves you bleeding. The guitarist takes pages from the book of swedeath and burns them, leaving a sense of the general sound but igniting that shit into a combustible evil step brother of rock and roll. The drumming is tight and precise, from grinding blasts to straight up punk to complex rhythmic battery. There is a little more breathing room on this album than previous efforts, the music grinds less and grooves more, with occasional hints at doom and noisecore, which adds a grimy layer of sheer heaviness. McKinney’s vocals are every bit as incendiary as the music, grabbing you by the throat and forcing you to pay attention and wake the fuck up. A lot of people think the albums closing tracks are weak links, I disagree. I just think they would have worked better if scattered throughout the album. They are generally slower and sludgier, so the album tends to end on a less aggressive note, making it feel like it peeters out a bit. Other than that I think it’s a great album and I look forward to where they are going next. Buy it here.


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