Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best of 2011 Volume 5 - Midnight - Satanic Royalty


From: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Black Rock n' Roll

This album is the shit. Street fighting necro rock in praise of lust, filth, sleaze and Satan. Following in the tradition of the grimier NWOBHM bands like Motorhead and Venom, Midnight’s first full length is exactly whats been missing in American metal and rock, in my opinion. No frills, no bullshit, straight up ass kickery. Add some elements of early Bathory and Discharge and you’ve got a vomit filled brew of violence and debauchery. Theres nothing original here, but who gives a fuck when it rocks this hard? These songs will find a permanent place in your brain and leave you oozing scum from every orifice.
Pick up a copy from Hells Headbangers.


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Daniel said...

If you get a chance see Midnight live...they deliver the lust,filth and the sleeeaaze best on stage.