Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blut Aus Nord - 777 - The Desanctification


From: France
Year: 2011
Genre: Industrial Black Metal

The second installment of their 777 trilogy and their second album released this year, Blut Aus Nord continue to push the threshold and have moved further away from traditional black metal with this release and deeper into a psychedelic industrial wasteland. In fact, although black metal in spirit and atmosphere, if this album were released under a different band name I doubt it would be labeled as black metal at all, gone are the blast beats and tremolo picking that kept the last album rooted somewhat firmly in BM. And these aren’t so much songs as they are sketches of haunting sonic darkness and fear. That’s not to say that the songs herein are just dark ambient pieces, on the contrary they have distinct movement and presence, not to mention some awesome guitar riffs and programmed beats, while evoking every negative emotion you can fathom. But I guess that’s all subjective, regardless, if you’re a fan of forward thinking black metal or heavy industrial, like Godflesh, you should definitely enjoy this album. Its being released on Nov 11th by Season of Mist, buy it here.


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