Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers 1987-1989


From: Sweden
Year: 2011
Genre: Death Metal

This is where Swedish death metal began. Nihilist was formed in 1987 by Nicke Andersson, also of Death Breath and The Hellacopters, Alex Hellid and Leif Cuzner. After the band called it quits, Johnny Hedlund formed Unleashed and the remaining members reformed with Uffe Cederlund (later of Disfear) on guitar and renamed themselves Entombed. Easily the most influential death metal band to ever come out of Sweden, the importance of these recordings cannot be overstated. Without Nihilist bands like At the Gates, Grave, Dismember and of course Entombed would never exist. They pioneered the buzzsaw guitar sound that so many bands copy today. This is their complete discography, containing all their demos and the first Entombed demo, “Life Goes On”. Absolutely essential for any fan of Death Metal.


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