Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Uphill Battle - Wreck of Nerves


From: USA
Year: 2004
Genre: Grindcore, Hardcore

Everywhere you look online Uphill Battle is described as a metalcore group. I disagree with this whole-heartedly and think it does them a severe injustice. In my opinion they were a grindcore band with heavy hardcore influences and slight flourishes of death metal. Both guitarists and the bass player handled vocal duties so you had three distinct voices, the trade off very reminiscent of other grindcore bands. The drummer of the band was Danny Walker, who currently plays for Intronaut and Murder Construct and previously played with Exhumed and Phobia, to name a few, so you know damn well where the drumming is coming from, and it sure as hell ain’t metalcore. The sense of dynamics in the album is amazing, tension builds and releases constantly, shifting between blasts of blinding speed and slower hardcore breakdowns with flashes of melody interspersed throughout. If you dig Converge, Burnt by the Sun or anything similar definitely check this out.


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Andrew Childers said...

i always preferred the self-titled to wreck, but this one does have a cool thrashy undercurrent to it.