Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best of 2011 - Volume 15 - Fuck the Facts - Die Miserable


From: Canada
Year: 2011
Genre: Grindcore

Wow, I have been sleeping on this band for waaay too long. Although I’ve been hearing about them for years, for some reason I never checked them out until this, their 8th, full length. I’m definitely gonna check out their back catalog now, cus this album kills. They describe their sound as bastardized grindcore and I find that very accurate. I’m not entirely sure if founding member Topon Das writes all the riffs but they run the gamut from chaotic hardcore to traditional metal to discordant grind to sludge to doom to noise rock to thrash to death metal, but he does such a great job of incorporating the riffs that it never feels like genre hopping, it almost always remains grindcore. The only track that strays is the title track which is essentially a drone doom piece, but that only takes up about a minute and a half, then its right back to blasting. I just realized this is the fourth “best of” post that has a female vocalist. Women seem to be taking the grind/death/hardcore world by storm and I think it’s awesome. It’s been a boys club long enough. The social and personal prose style lyrics that she injects with venom and spits back in the face of society can be both beautiful and brutal.
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Arekusu said...

Very well put. Check out Stigmata High Five when you get a chance, its my favorite record of theirs.

Anonymous said...

last month I've bought "Disgorge Mexico" cd and it own! Definatelly worth of your time and cash! Ears are bleeding!