Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cancer Conspiracy - The Audio Medium


From: USA
Year: 2002
Genre: Heavy Progressive Rock

It’s a testament to the sheer amount of music I am subjected to that I somehow forgot about this masterpiece. I listened to it incessantly when it first came out. Granted a lot has happened since then, my life hasn’t exactly been a whorehouse of happiness. But thinking about the time in my life when this came out makes me happy nevertheless. It probably shouldn’t. It was a pretty fucked up time. But memories are like that. They trick you. Their distance makes you feel nostalgic even if they don’t deserve it, just because they’re gone. And Christ, it was only like 10 years ago. But it was a simpler time. Not better, just simpler. And I still did my best to inject the maximum amount of chaos into the simplicity of my life back then. But not when I was listening to this album. I remember sitting back with this on and just letting the world fall away. It’s an intense, highly cerebral instrumental journey that you won’t regret taking. And we can all do with a little less regret….can’t we? Ah shit, I'm gettin all glum now, I guess I should say something about the music huh? Its kinda King Crimson, kinda Iceburn, kinda Don Caballero. If you’ve never heard of any of those bands I don’t know what to tell you. Just listen to it ya chucklehead.
Or don’t. What do I care?


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