Thursday, April 12, 2012

Elder - Dead Roots Stirring


From: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Stoner Doom

No excuse this time for lack of activity around here. Just can’t seem to get motivated. Anyway, I’ve been pretty addicted to this album lately. Elder are a stoner doom band from Boston, MA. This is their second full length and it’s incredible. Would’ve easily landed on my year-end list for 2011, had I not been such a dismissive asshole. The album starts with the sound of an amplifier turning on and a grimy ass down tuned riff repeats a few times before the bass and drums kick your balls in. From there the album is a perfect blend of melody and crushing psychedelic stoner doom. While still taking their time to move from riff to riff, they never overstay their welcome on any one riff, shifting gears often enough to keep your attention with carefully crafted guitar solos and simple yet infectious vocal hooks. Sick of reading yet? Good, cus im sick of writing. Just listen to it. They are also playing a SHOW AT REDSCROLL RECORDS IN WALLINGFORD, CT THIS SATURDAY THE 5TH OF MAY, 2012.


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