Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bosse De-Nage - III


From: USA
Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal, Screamo, Indie Rock

Starting with a raw black metal template and mutating it into something beyond the stagnation that plagues bands that try too hard to adhere to any particular genre, Bosse de Nage defy any labeling and have created a work of deformed heart-wrenching beauty in the process. The last song opens with the spoken line, “There is a ledge somewhere, set against a deadly precipice, which springs nostalgic winds never reach.” This album sounds like they were screaming off of that precipice until they got fed up and jumped into the void, intent on finding nostalgia of their own. It brings back everything I loved about music in the 90’s. When lines between genres were becoming even more blurred and bands were just doing what they wanted. You can hear the influence of Louisville, Kentucky minimalist indie rock created by bands like Slint and Shipping News and the discordantly melodic angst of screamo like Reversal of Man and Orchid or even early emo like Native Nod. Whether these exact bands are influences I can’t say, but you get the point. And they don’t just cram these styles together. They use repetition to build tension to a breaking point until it’s released with raw scathing emotion. Before you think you’re too kvlt, drop all pre-conceptions about what black metal should be and just listen. Buy a copy from Profound Lore.


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Anonymous said...

herd it few days ago and havung troubles geting into this band.
the thing is the drumming is amazing!!!
but everything else i didnt like so far. i still hope ill like with a few more listens.