Saturday, July 7, 2012

Deadly Remains - Severing Humanity


From: USA
Year: 2012
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Someone made a request for more "slams", the problem with that request is that I don't really listen to a ton of slamming BDM. I love my fair share of brutality (i still have my cassette of Human Waste around here somewhere) but not many bands, beyond the classics, that fall squarely into that category. Anyway heres a band I came across that are fairly new to the scene and deserve some attention. They def aren't your typical slam band, the vocals arent all pig squeal "bree bree", they experiment with discordant clean guitar accompaniments and the bass playing definately stands out with slaps, slides and generally dexterous fret work. The drums don't sound tinny and over triggered and while, in general, they aren't overly technical, they keep things more than interesting without ever getting all noodly on your ass. The riffs also have a thrash inflection to them due to the fact that they used to play a hybrid of thrash/death metal before this album. But don't be fooled, this shit is brutal. Buy a copy from Deepsend Records.


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