Monday, July 9, 2012

Mongrels Cross - The Sins of Aquarius


From: Australia
Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Thrash/Death

Break out your bullet belt or chain mail, grab your broadsword and be prepared to leave a trail of dismembered corpses behind you as you ride into a blackened, smoke-filled battlefield. Mongrels Cross destroy with the same impunity that fellow aussies like Destroyer 666 do, but inject a lot more slow to mid-paced head bashing that brings to mind late 80's German thrash like Agent Orange era Sodom and Extreme Aggression era Kreator at times but can also exploit a raw punk aesthetic like early Celtic Frost. The vocals also remind me of D666 but they also use a blackened scream to break things up. The riffs could use some more variation or creativity but honestly I was too busy nodding my head (i'm too old to bang it) that i didn't give a shit. Prepare for battle you fuckin fucks! You know what to do. Hells Headbangers.


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