Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best of 2011 - Volume 17 - Subrosa - No Help for the Mighty One


From: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Doom, Folk

The war is over. Bodies lay strewn across the ground, open wounds like bloody smiles laughing at the dust. A blackness fills the cloudless sky, raining ash onto the city streets. He holds his son and walks amidst the desolation left behind by the arrogance of man. The boy is the only thing that gives his movement any meaning. His only hope.
Thus begins No Help for The Mighty One. Subrosa are an anomaly in the genre of doom. Their violin heavy, folk-inspired doom sound is unlike most anything else being produced these days. A largely female dominated band, only the rhythm section is male in fact, Kim Pack's vocals can be slightly off-key at times but are beautiful nonetheless, simultaneously inspiring hope and dread. Both the guitarist and violinist sing as well, all three females harmonizing with one another adds a whole new dimension to the music. The dark expressiveness of the violins basically take the lead in front of the guitar, which slowly broods in tandem with the drums and fuzzed out bass, creating the heavy vibe that darkens their sound. Imagine Electric Wizard and The Bad Seeds (Nick Cave’s backing band) fronted by PJ Harvey and you might get an idea of where they are coming from. They spin mythic tales of post-industrial Americana where independence and blood are the only commodities worth dying for, and individuals long to perceive a world beyond the false spirituality and bloodlust offered by organized religion.
Once again you can get a copy from Profound Lore, easily the best label for extreme music on the planet.


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