Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hot Water Music - Fuel for the Hate Game


From: USA
Year: 1997
Genre: Post Hardcore/Punk

In 1997 I went to a show at a skate park in Bristol, CT. I had never heard of Hot Water Music before, I was just there to see Assuck. The two bands may seem like a strange match for a show except both bands are from Gainesville, FL and they both also released music on No Idea Records. Anyway I was totally blown away by HWM. Their extremely tight and technically proficient rhythm section was offset by the raspy, booze soaked yet melodically yelled vocals and palm muted post-hardcore riffage. I immediately bought their first two LP's and have been spinning them ever since. Cut to 15 years later and I went to see them, for the first time since, in Boston Friday night. Due to the fact that I haven't much kept up with their albums (something I have been aiming to remedy lately), I didn't know half the songs on the set list. But that didn't keep me from enjoying the sheer intensity and joy that these guys pour onto the stage every night. Chuck Ragan had a smile from ear to ear the entire set, his love of performing just as infectious as their lyrics and music. If, like me, you've been listening to far too much of the various genre's of metal, this album will remind you that music isn't just about brutality, sadness or rage. And that, if performed passionately, there is music that will make you feel alive in a positive way and appreciate something as simple as a smile or the blood that runs through your veins. If any of that seems too "emo" for you, then move along tough guy.


They played this song friday night, for me this was worth the price of admission alone.


brett said...

I saw these guys for the first time touring on this album too. Still my favorite one.

Daniel said...

Haven't heard this one in a long time. I too Saw the Assuck/Hot Water Music tour at CBGB's(the only time I was ever there.) I remember diggin Hot Water Musics' No Division album as well. I'm on a Samiam kick lately. Melodic 90's stuff. Thanks for this.

Raze Hell said...

Dude, incredible post. Thanks for reminding me of how great this record is.

VALIS said...

yer all very welcome...surprisingly popular post....for this blog anyway.....yea i've been diggin no division, caution & forever and counting. still havent gotten ahold of a flight and a crash...which i've heard but not in a long while.....