Saturday, December 8, 2012

Putrevore - Macabre Kingdom


From: Spain/Sweden
Year: 2012
Genre: Death Metal

Been sitting on this post as a draft for months now so i figured i'd throw it up here. Most of you have probably heard it by now, but if you haven't you need to. One of the best DM releases this year, in my humble opinion. And just to let everyone know, the reason for lack of activity around here is because i'm sick of it being a ghost town. I feel like everyone just takes and takes but doesnt bother contributing in the form of comments or even bothering reading anything when i DO attempt to write. So if there are actually people out there that want this blog to become more active you need to make your voices heard so I don't feel like i'm wasting my time...



Chris DAlessandro said...

Thanks for the download link dude. I'm starting to follow this blog, come drop by my blog (Severed Heads Open Minds).

aiken3000 said...

hey man, I always follow you but never post a comment. I really appreciate your posts, expecially the death ones.

You actually write reviews, and that's why I follow you, it's really a plus ;)

Eyes and Teeth said...

Sometimes what we (Bloggers) do is a thankless job. Many people take it for granted. It becomes a habit to cruise blogs and grab Music without ever commenting or even saying thanks.
I have often wondered why I do it (my spot is at, but realized that for some reason I am compelled to do it.
It is nice to get feedback, thank yous, and appreciation.
I think you are awesome and I am VERY thankful for what you do.
You are my first stop when I want something heavy to listen to. I truly do value your reviews, and I know that if you took the time to post about something, it warrants a listen.
Thanks again!

VALIS said...

thanks for the kind words guys....i'll def check out those blogs...pirate bloggers get alot of shit for what we do but let's face it....without pirate blogs many MANY bands would never get anywhere near the exposure we afford them....and i dont upload anything...the links are already there....i just lead the day i'm gonna write a manifesto defending what we do...ha...thanks again

scottmetal666 said...

I've been following your blog for a year or so now, and have posted a comment here or there, but wanted you to know that I check back regularly to see if something new has been posted because I appreciate the mix of grind, DM, etc. that you cover. The reviews are to the point and usually accurate, and I don't even really need the download links (can find them on my own or buy), just like this blog period. Keep up the good work \m/